TeamSight It's really a story of the Stephens
Who are we?


The Restaurant Show 2019
(Supported by some very experienced, successful and inspirational guys).

Stephen 1

The CTO. For years designed and built software systems used by thousands of businesses, had a challenge and idea; As a small business owner: "Why can't we access the tools previously available to us when we're employed by bigger businesses to help us work smart, be successful and drive profit?" Solution: Let's build the tools ourselves but make them simpler to use and implement.

Stephen 2

The CEO. Experience, 25 years building customer experience, sales, partnerships in the People Management space with the biggest global and smallest UK companies. Enjoyed growing businesses but frustrated by the lack of scalability (down) and low agility of the big solution suppliers.

The Stephens were introduce by a wise and successful business leader and agreed immediately where we could make the biggest difference to SMEs, so created TeamSight Ltd under the Aspihre Group. We then invested several years building the right package of solutions and services.

The Team

Is relatively small but have worked with some of the biggest and most reputable HR & Payroll companies in the world, bringing the wealth of skills, experience and backgrounds that makes us unique.