TeamSight Repeating Shifts

Every shift pattern has a location, job role.

You can add any shifts you need to each day of the week.

Keeping the number of shifts per day to a minimum is important. Using lots of shifts per day, slows down the performance of TeamSight and also makes it difficult to read the schedule and shift booking pages.

Booking Absences and Attendances

Unless specified otherwise, absences and attendances are booked by the shift.

This means that if you have employees that work days and not hours, and you wanted them to be able to book half days, you should create two shifts per day.

Adhoc Shifts

If you have employees that work in hours and not days you can use unpaid absences (which are set to allow booking for part shifts) and adhoc shifts to remove or add additional time to shifts.

This is better than trying to create smaller shifts, and then expecting employees to book each individual shift to make up their working hours.